“F” A-Z Challenge

Far-out, man! Far Out Man is the name of a 1990 American comedy film but that is not the subject I’m writing about.  This interjection has been used for most of my life when I’m impressed by your new car, the the ghost in your attic, a talking seal, or the trampoline in your tree post tornado.  […]

“E” A-Z Challenge

“E” is for estate sale.  I’ve never been to one. My friend is a regular estate sale shopper and her home is filled with beautiful furnishings she and her love have picked up across the mighty Dallas Metroplex.  “You gotta know where to shop”, she says. That same phrase applies to yard sales.  Ads get […]

“D” A-Z Challenge

“D” is for dog.  And there is a dog lying under my chair snoring as I write this late challenge post.  The last time I had a dog living under the same roof with me was around 1997.   Two dogs.  One was a few extra pounds, we will call her “Lady”, while the other more […]

“C” A-Z Challenge

Cars More specifically, car names.  Do you name your car?  Growing up, I remember my mom calling her yellow Galaxy 500 Gertrude.  Many people we knew named their cars.  I’ve owned a few rides in my life but have not named a single one of them.  The only inanimate object I own that has a […]

“B” A-Z Challenge

Bob Bob is my cat.  Many of my friends already know his story but if you are new to my blog, I’ll briefly write on the adoption.  I did not say ‘his’ adoption.  He adopted us. Cats are like that.  Because I made one little trip to the nursing home one night to help a […]

“A” A – Z in Pictures

I found a blog A to Z Challenge this evening while browsing some blogs from the Journalspace days. I actually have a list of several hundred bloggers names from that website and links to their blogs though many are now defunct, in hibernation, extinct, past their prime, or currently active. I don’t know this A […]

Preserving Memories

Most people think of photographs first when putting together a memory album.  Not long ago, I found a box of letters saved by my most favorite Aunt and Uncle (both by marriage) that were written by my sister and I when we were kids.  I also found a box that I’ve had stored in the […]

Memories Lost

My friend called me today crying asking if I could help her recover 4 years worth of images she had stored on her recently crashed hard drive and a couple of retired cell phones.  She snaps pictures often and mostly with her iPhone.  Her computer is fried but there might be some way to pull […]

Season of Excess

While I am happy for all of you who celebrate this time of year with genuine joy and affection and meaning, we have to make room in our celebrations for people’s real pain. Their real experiences. Their real selves. Too often I observe how many of my own friends expect others to celebrate the season […]

Caring For The Cat

This advice update is written for someone very dear to me that was recently adopted by a four- legged furry feline. I write this to assist in preparing the newly adopted pet parent with limited experience in servitude. The most important task you must consider is managing their bewildering behavior. Call it cat logic. Just […]