Preserving Memories

Most people think of photographs first when putting together a memory album.  Not long ago, I found a box of letters saved by my most favorite Aunt and Uncle (both by marriage) that were written by my sister and I when we were kids.  I also found a box that I’ve had stored in the […]

Memories Lost

My friend called me today crying asking if I could help her recover 4 years worth of images she had stored on her recently crashed hard drive and a couple of retired cell phones.  She snaps pictures often and mostly with her iPhone.  Her computer is fried but there might be some way to pull […]

Season of Excess

While I am happy for all of you who celebrate this time of year with genuine joy and affection and meaning, we have to make room in our celebrations for people’s real pain. Their real experiences. Their real selves. Too often I observe how many of my own friends expect others to celebrate the season […]

Caring For The Cat

This advice update is written for someone very dear to me that was recently adopted by a four- legged furry feline. I write this to assist in preparing the newly adopted pet parent with limited experience in servitude. The most important task you must consider is managing their bewildering behavior. Call it cat logic. Just […]

Who Comes Up With This?

I occasionally snack on a small bag of Lay’s potato chips just to fulfill an emptiness on my tummy midday or simply to satisfy a salty craving when consuming large amounts of cold water in the hot summer months.  About a month ago I went into an Exxon station or maybe it was a Shell gas […]

September’s Garden

All is planted for the Fall except for purple carrots.  Seeds left from earlier this year are stored in the little baggie they arrived in and after some reconstructing of one of the raised beds and fill dirt with compost and all the wonderful soil ingredients, the Kid and I will plant the seeds this afternoon. […]

The Iris for 2017

Weather over he past two years has caused much grief for I shed many tears over the loss of many of my Iris plants.  Last year, 2015, it rained like no other year.  The cats awaited Noah.  The year prior was terribly dry and hot.   Iris do well in drought conditions but they do […]

Fall Garden Planning

This year marks the first time I have planted any seeds after June.  August is a scorcher in North TX so I started some seeds inside.  However. the past week cooled dramatically when we got rain and a cold front and the temps have been a comfortable 80-something. Moons and Stars is the watermelon planted […]

Garden Progress

Earlier in the year, and you can find it in previous post(s), I started seeds and planted in straw bales.  Over the past couple months, I’ve made some changes in the garden and watched the plants slowly grow.  I say slowly.  The conditioning of the bales is key. Some did better than others and not […]

Rain Welcomed

Rain was supposed to fall yesterday after lunch so said the forecast. Fortunately it remained cloudy and windy only and this allowed us to complete a couple of projects in and out of the house.  I knew that if it had not rained by evening last night, I would have to water the garden.  Exhausted […]