The Day After

Yesterday, people lined up at the polls for the Midterm Elections.  The past 30 days have been dreadful on social media, although I don’t see much of it due to FB Purity, because of the hatefulness that is being splattered across the web.  I got unfriended by a few although I don’t post much about politics except for scriptures/prayers specific to a leader, i.e., our President, Governor, etc.  It does not matter what the party, I will pray.  I got unfriended because I support President Trump.  You have all the commenting below you want if you need to spew your disgust, for I will ignore you.  Swim in your own cesspool. I prayed for President Obama and I did not vote for him.  Praying for those in authority is a biblical command.  You don’t have to like them but you must pray for them.  Now I must pray for my haters and let them move on with their own lives so that they may find peace or whatever it is they are seeking.  May they seek God.

I wrote a comment on someone’s update that had absolutely nothing to do with election results or politics.  Because after the voting, I don’t give a crap.  I’ll continue to write letters to our leaders and play a role as a citizen for change but I am not interested in any further discussions about who won and who hates.  My comment was specific to violence in healthcare against the front line workers:  CNA’s, nurse, doctors, and other important professionals.  It was less about the actual violence and more about the lack of coverage or conversation about it.

Workplace violence in healthcare has risen over the past decade.  There are many reasons why and organizations have been working to reduce it.  I won’t go into all of that here because it will force me to write and research for the remainder of the week.  What has my angry about his right now is the remark someone made to me the other day about my job as a home care nurse.  He asked, “Aren’t you scared something is going to happen to you while in someones house and no one will know?”  He also stated, “That’s what you nurses get into when you take the job.  You know what’s coming.”  I wanted to punch him in the face!  Not the throat.  That grosses me out.  And he said this to me at local grocery store where I could have turned up the volume of my voice.   But I take care of people in my town.  GRACE!   According to average human, nurses should tolerate such abuse because we took the job.

And the media does not help much.  Mainstream media doesn’t usually cover workplace violence in healthcare organizations unless someone is killed or seriously injure or the problem was caught on video and went viral on social media.  ZDoggMD is a favorite that I follow and through him I learn of acts of violence over the past few years because it covered on page THREE of the local news publication.  You will find on FOX News, MSNBC, etc on the home page of incidents of bullying, slavery, etc, but rarely of your doctor/nurse being injured on the job.



One thought on “The Day After

  1. Nurses should never tolerate abuse of any kind and those that think so better beware. If the trend towards violence continues they may find and even greater shortage of nurses and good luck to them if they are very ill and laying in bed and no one to help them. As to all this political nonsense, I have to wonder some times if we are de-evolving. Everyone is acting like they can’t be civil anymore. My parents were opposite parties. My mom was a card carrying Democrat and my Dad a Republican and they didn’t argue about it. They just voted their beliefs and that was that.

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