“E” A-Z Challenge

“E” is for estate sale.  I’ve never been to one.

My friend is a regular estate sale shopper and her home is filled with beautiful furnishings she and her love have picked up across the mighty Dallas Metroplex.  “You gotta know where to shop”, she says.

That same phrase applies to yard sales.  Ads get posted each week on the web and stapled on telephone poles across town during the week.  You can find lists in the local paper and Penny Saver.  “The best yard sales near you.”   Sometimes, I want the best sales away from me.

I’ve always shopped around for mason jars, cookware, and the like.  Sometimes, I’ll find an article of clothing but rarely do I look for that sort of item.  Lately, I’ve been on the search for cameras and antique sideboards.  Le Creuset dutch oven has been on my list for a while.  Unlikely to find one of those around here, but I haven’t been looking much.   There are many thrift and antique stores around and they have quite a selection of treasures but antique stores get a bit pricey.

Since I don’t have the first clue about estate sale shopping, I searched the web and found a couple of helpful “estate sale tips” pages.  My questions have always centered around haggling and return to pick up the bigger items.  Convincing my husband to go with me to an estate sale may be as difficult as loading a young horse in a trailer with a dragon.  I’ve learned about etiquette and feel more prepared.

What is your estate sale story?  Have you organized one?  Been to one?  Please share your suggestions.



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