Preserving Memories

Most people think of photographs first when putting together a memory album.  Not long ago, I found a box of letters saved by my most favorite Aunt and Uncle (both by marriage) that were written by my sister and I when we were kids.  I also found a box that I’ve had stored in the corner of the corner in the attic that has our school memories including report cards, photos, certificates, and more.  The poetry!  I found the poems most written in calligraphy on practice sheets.  I was such a geek.  With all my travels, I tended to keep the brochure of the museum, or state or national park we visited.

Over time much is accumulated and one questions why on earth they saved all this stuff.  Save it anyway and when you turn 50 something or whatever age determines your need to toss, you can then decide what is important and what is not.   What we do save can be carefully preserved in a variety of media types: Photographs, video/motion picture film, letters, poetry/essays, recordings.  I’ve got a few boxes of photos and other items that have been sorted through but I need time and motivation to get it glued down.

Scanning almost everything I’ve got has been quite a tedious task but well worth it.  If the house burns down, a Texas tornado whips through, or we get that black mold or if the town I live in is finally flooded by the mighty Lake Texoma then at least most, not all, will be backed up on a cloud and a webpage out there on the internet.  But not for all to see.  There is still quite a bit to scan.  Furthermore, I can share scanned pics and letters with friends/family.

I prefer the art of sorting and laying photographs and paper items on pages and writing about each one rather than the new and popular photo books.  There is nothing better, in my opinion, than the old black page photo albums our grandparents have situated on the shelf.  Photo books, however, do make nice gifts.

While in California I attended a scrapbook “midnight madness” night once each month with other scrappers.  It seems like I got more accomplished in the company of others for we were able to share supplies and stories. That may be what has kept me at bay with my own projects.  I must coordinate an evening with friends.   What are you working on?


One thought on “Preserving Memories

  1. I have been doing scanning as well. Last serious scanning I did was back in November 2016 when I was working on some personalized Christmas gifts; calendars, posters and such and it was a real labor of love because my old laptop had really made the process slow. Now I have a new laptop but looks like I have got to get a new printer/scanner because it’s not playing nice with my old one that refuses to die. It prints fine but the new laptop won’t talk to it to scan. Anyway, I have got to get back at it. I am the keeper of photos, genealogy and all things family memory related so I don’t want to put it off till I just can’t get it done anymore. Fortunately I at least have stuff sorted by year (more or less) in manila envelopes so I won’t forget when things took place later on.

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