Caring For The Cat

This advice update is written for someone very dear to me that was recently adopted by a four- legged furry feline. I write this to assist in preparing the newly adopted pet parent with limited experience in servitude. The most important task you must consider is managing their bewildering behavior.

Call it cat logic. Just because the kitty is loving all over you by purring and rubbing on your leg does not mean he/she loves you. You are his/her territory. It’s nothing but a form of marking/branding. You can show all the love back and call it mutual but it isn’t. Get used to it.

Your cat has now established your favorite chair (inside or out or maybe both) as her/his place to relax or sleep. He will move only when you remove him. Don’t try to call him off the chair like you do with your well trained respectful canine. The cat may open an eye, glare at you, and resume the snooze. Join the club of cat ownership and just sacrifice your chair. You can get another one.

Because you serve your kitty well, she/he will reward you with gifts. Since your cat is outdoors, you will be blessed with a variety of bloody bedraggled carcasses left neatly your doorstep at just the right distance so that your foot lands squarely on it as you take your first step out unaware of the collision.  My best advice for you is to inspect both porches and entryways on your property before stepping out the door.  And don’t leave it with expectation of discarding it when you return home from work for that will be the one day the UPS delivery person leaves a parcel at your doorstep.  It really grosses them out.  Be kind and help your community.

Feeding a cat is an art.  It’s not as easy as it appears.  The early years better known as kittenhood aren’t too bad but as the cat matures you will observe a shift in dietary habits.  Your vet, friends, the feed store all say to feed your cat a well balance diet.  While that is the goal, your cat will define that for you.  Once your cat has established food habits you will need to ensure you have good medical insurance and/or life insurance policy.  This is the best advice I can give you in this section of reading:

  1. Don’t be late feeding your cat.  Your life depends on it.
  2. Don’t change up your cat’s diet.  Your life depends on it.
  3. Don’t underfeed your cat if you feel the calories have exceeded the daily recommended allowance.  Your life depends on it.

I keep a bowl of dry quality cat food available at all times.  I feed a portion of organic, non gmo, no grain, blah blah blah cat food at 6:00 am each morning.  Fresh water is served daily.  I do not feed my cats at 6:01.  I’ve ended up on the kitchen floor when they tripped me up walking through the kitchen to get their food.  And they don’t care if you are pregnant!

Another bit of advice.  Tuna and sea food meals often lend to urinary problems.  Avoid those.  Milk is tolerated on rare occasions but often cause nausea, diarrhea due to lactose intolerance.  Cats love raw chicken but a lot of people will strike me down for this suggestion.  I don’t care.

The best part of serving a cat is the hours of interesting observation and communication, whatever that may be.  Cats like to play, snuggle, and own you.  It’s a wonderful, yet infuriating life.



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