September’s Garden

All is planted for the Fall except for purple carrots.  Seeds left from earlier this year are stored in the little baggie they arrived in and after some reconstructing of one of the raised beds and fill dirt with compost and all the wonderful soil ingredients, the Kid and I will plant the seeds this afternoon.   It is cool enough to enjoy time midday outdoors.  Yesterday was the last 90 degree day for the year (I hope).

There three rows of green beens (bush) planted in the dirt.  Five squash plants are in two bales.  Cauliflower and cabbage are planted in straw bales.  Egg plant was planted some time ago but half are only now popping up.  There is a row of pumpkins with dozens of large blooms proudly showing in majestic yellow.  So far, I see only 4 baby pumpkins.  That’s fine.  This is our first year planting pumpkins and I haven’t a clue what I’m doing except following a YouTube gardeners advice.

Friends, I am a YouTube gardener.  That is where I get all this inspiration.  Not on Pinterest.  On YouTube.  Pinterest is nothing more than an art gallery for me.

Straw bales have been wonderful to use for planting and gardening but this being my first year ever to use them, I have learned so much. 1). Don’t sit on them.  If they’ve been basking in the sun all summer with rain, fertilizer, brussels sprouts, peas, grasshoppers and more water, they will collapse under your posterior even if you don’t carry much back there.  2).  Keep the twine from previous bales, or your friends huge round bales.  You will need it to secure loose bales after you’ve sat one one! Sometimes they become loose.  3).  You may have purchased wire bales like I did my first 6 from Dennards.  Wire rusts, breaks, and then you have a bale falling apart with pepper plants reaching upward confused and fearful.  4).  Recycle cardboard.  Cardboard is what goes under the bale to prevent grass and weeds from growing up through the hay and the worms love it.  Eventually it breaks down and only adds as compost to your soil.  When it is time to replace your bales, lay another large piece (or two) card board on the ground, situate the bale on top and prepare for next season.

Whatever the case, it is a pleasure to be in the garden without having to pull weeds every day.  Plant and learn.

Here are some pictures taken today.  And there is always a cat to be found tiptoeing through the garden.



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