The Iris for 2017

Weather over he past two years has caused much grief for I shed many tears over the loss of many of my Iris plants.  Last year, 2015, it rained like no other year.  The cats awaited Noah.  The year prior was terribly dry and hot.   Iris do well in drought conditions but they do have their limits.  I keep a journal of my many variety of Iris and a grid so I know what is what since I don’t have garden markers yet.  They are so familiar to me though I can recognize most all of them at once.  I won’t tell you what all I had for the past six years for there are not enough tissues to dry my eyes over the loss.  For now I’ll share some photos of what I’ve purchased from a local farm and shared with my favorite mother in law who got me started with this beautiful hobby.

From left to right, top row:  A Grape Fit, Istanbul, Explicit, Capatonic

bottom row:  Tennessee Gentleman, Late Frost

These were photographed while shopping for them at Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainesville, TX.  If you ever happen that way, be sure to stop in for a visit.  Their farm is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  They are known for their fields of lavender and their annual lavender festival.  What a wonderful fragrance. They also have a lovely cafe.

In order so that I do not go into a total state of unresolved depression, I must reconstruct the garden and and soil.  We have clay  here and it’s just dreadful.  I had used a combination of soil past few years, unfortunately with the drought, rain, floods, etc, this soil did not fair too well leaving the rhizomes to rot.  I must get this done quickly for I want to have roots established well before Spring in order to have a someone decent return with blooms.  They don’t always bloom the first year after planting but I’ll settle with just a healthy plant at this point.

Humus and gypsum are two ingredients necessary.  That and some landscape timbers just to prevent run off.  You can’t tell at first but there is a slight downhill slope in my back yard.  With a bit of determination and muscle, I shall have this completed by the end of the week.  There are 24 varieties to plant for now.  There are another 20 something to be dug up and transplanted.




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