Fall Garden Planning

This year marks the first time I have planted any seeds after June.  August is a scorcher in North TX so I started some seeds inside.  However. the past week cooled dramatically when we got rain and a cold front and the temps have been a comfortable 80-something.


Moons and Stars is the watermelon planted this summer and we are quite thrilled with it.  At first my husband suggested the plant had disease when he noticed the yellow spots on the leaves.  A quick reference to the seed book convinced him that this why the plant is named Moons and Stars.  The watermelon will be spotted with small yellow spots and one large yellow area, being the moon.  We are pleased with the flavor.

As we picked our last watermelon I cleared all remaining plants from that bed.  Fortunately the bed is free of weeds and unwanted debris.  After planting the seeds, I placed newspaper on the dirt around the seedlings and covered with mulch.  The sunflower stalks were cut down and the seed flowers lay in the shed drying.  There are a few carefully placed on the bird feeder and as I write this I notice a pair of cardinals munching contently on the seeds.

The straw bales are cleared as well.  Cucumber seeds (pickling) were planted Friday evening before the rain.  The summer squash seeds were also planted however the two remaining plants have suddenly produced new blooms and leaves.  I may keep them for a while.  The tomato plants will remain for a while.  I planted a month late egg plant.  Who cares.  I’ve never planted them before and have no idea how they will do in the straw bales.  The pumpkin plants are huge.

There remains much space in the garden for more veggies as time passes.  It is too early for peas.  Setting up straw bales and raised beds has been such a benefit.  Furthermore, I covered the entire garden area where we don’t plant, with cardboard and mulch.  No weeds this year!  What a pleasure it is to maintain now because I don’t slave over unwanted weeds.

For the Fall, the following will be planted:

Carrots, peas, green beans, squash, red bell peppers, egg plant, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers.

May the weather be in our favor!



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