Rain Welcomed

Rain was supposed to fall yesterday after lunch so said the forecast. Fortunately it remained cloudy and windy only and this allowed us to complete a couple of projects in and out of the house.  I knew that if it had not rained by evening last night, I would have to water the garden.  Exhausted from the days activities I forgot!

Sometime during my slumber, the pitter-patter on the north window awakened me.  So did Romee.  Apparently her food dish was empty at about 4 am and cats don’t sleep without having kibble to eat in the night.  I poured the last bit of food into her bowl and walked to the front door, opened it enough to lean out and was startled by the low rumble in the west sky.  The rain fell softly.  Silver trickles of water seeped into the ground.  A stream of water rush along the curb shimmered by the glow of the bright, yellow street lamps.  Chilled, I stepped back, closed and locked the door and crawled back under the covers.

The day remains overcast with a light rain.  Random thunder is heard.  The clouds have thinned for the moment is brighter.  “Like Wow” opened this morning and is pretty even in the rain.  The flower beds and bales are soaked and the grass will shoot up as the first hint of sun shimmers down.  For now, I finish with laundry, organizing, and planning for the week.




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