Did I Mention That I Love Iris?

Not Iris Apfel, silly!  I am referring to what Wikipedia calls the genus of 260–300 species of flowering plants with showy flowers.  They are in bloom everywhere right now.

Yesterday I had lunch with my mother in law at a cafe on a small farm close to where I live and to my surprise, there were rows of beautifully blooming iris.  By the way, this farm is Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainesville.  It is tucked away just east of the city near what is known as Oak Ridge, what I refer to as Speed Trap 82.  It’s on the back road of the back roads.

Every year or so I order 5 to 8 different rhizomes from Schreiner’s in Salem, Oregon. Never have I been disappointed. I also ordered from a farm in Washington, Echo Gardens that was very generous with bonus iris. Unfortunately, while the farms want to make a profit, I am always looking for a good deal. To not have to pay shipping is my first deal. Secondly, these new introductions in many catalogs have a huge mark up. Consider “A Grape Fit”, a tall bearded plicata introduced just last year. It’s on sale right now at Schreiner’s for $45. I picked it up yesterday for $6.   It won’t come home to my garden until July.

A Grape Fit

You will want one too!  Stop by Lavender Ridge Farms if you are cruising around North Central TX around Sherman/Gainesville and have a look at their beautiful flowers.  Lavender will be in season in another month.



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