About What?

What do I write about?  This morning while driving to work a few thoughts crossed my mind but passed through about as fast as I was driving and I was unable to retrieve those ideas this evening.  I supposed I could have used my phone recorder or whatever that app is called but there are cops all over the place just waiting to pull me over for not having both hands on the wheel and traveling one mile over 55.  Seriously.  Maybe I’ll write about them in the future.

When all else fails I write about and photograph the cat, the horse, the garden.  About six years ago I planted some iris, about a hundred of them.  I’ve lost some, gained some.  Unfortunately last year we had so much rain and it was just dreadful getting out in the mud to sort through the mess out there and I lost about a third of my crop.  Heartbroken I totally ignored the garden for the remainder of the year.  Only this year, January, did I start pulling weeds, fertilizing, rearranging plants and am happy with the blooms.  I’ll start collecting iris again in July for next year.


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