Today’s Forecast

It was not what I expected.  The weather, that is.  The forecast called for some rain around noon but all I heard on my Droid was the beeping of the radar indicating various thunderstorm warnings within 50 miles or so.  I think they make it up as they go but that doesn’t make any difference in the beauty of it all.


Rural health care offers wide open countrysides with an occasional cemetery to shoot a magnificent sky.  On my smugmug account, there is a gallery for sky pictures that every once in a while I lose myself in with a slide show and Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream, Bad Company, Seal, Chris Knight, Chris Isaac, Ry Cooder.  Those are a few. It matters what you listen to when looking at pictures and when sitting under a dark, unpredictable sky with a gust of electric wind that makes tree branches sway.  Do you see the connection weather has on mood?




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