Spring: The Best Season

This is the best time of year. To begin with we celebrate the risen Savior on Easter. And then baseball season starts but not necessarily in that order. The days are warm and breezy. Okay, some days are just plain windy blowing dust and pollen. For most of you this is the worst time of year. But you can’t have pretty flowers and butterflies and honey bees without pollen and dust. Start a riot if you want to but you just cannot go wrong with a glass of lemonade, the smell of honey suckle and the sound when the baseball bat cracks the ball while the crowd cheers.

Meanwhile, the garden grows.  The kite comes out of the closet.  Spring cleaning begins.  I’d say this involves washing windows but we all know that washing windows is like washing your car.  The minute it’s clean, the rains begin followed by a dust storm.  Forget clean windows in the summer unless you’ve invited the girls over for tea.  At least sweep the front and back porch.

Have you noticed all the buttercups along the side of the road?  And there seems endless blue bonnets and Indian paintbrush.  Get out side, and soak up the warm sunshine.  Stop for a while and smell the newly open roses.  You won’t find this on your device.  Get off your iPad, or whatever you are staring at.  Just sit, think, make meaning of the moment.


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