Before the Bales, There Were Seeds

And that is exactly what happened.  I order seeds from a catalog and planted them not as early as I could have.  When you have one child you, my friend, are the other child.  That includes being mom, wife, employee, volunteer, dorm guard, cat parent, housekeeper, accountant, chauffeur, picture taker, coach, cook, writer of madness, and a wannabe responsible adult.  There is a lot of responsibility in the world of parenthood.  So I drag the kid out to the garden and give him a shovel.

I give him some seeds and a Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Kit. We both plant seeds and follow the instructions on the box and Youtube and perhaps your garden blog.

In a week there are sprouts.  I put them on the freezer in the garage to keep the dirt temp warm and not too much light.  Meanwhile, the bales are conditioning.  And the daffodils are blooming.


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