Arabian Horse ABC’s

From the Summerwind Journal, Monday November 7, 2005.  The early days of Journalspace, much of my blog was about my gelding, Carter. Good times.
My Arabian gelding’s ABC`s

A is for age: 26 in human years. I’m 5.
B is for booze of choice: Spring water. I don’t do booze, but my rider drinks Crown sometimes before we ride.
C is for career: I’m an Arabian and that is all the career I need.
D is for your dogs names: Mickey
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Carrots, lots of carrots.
F is for favorite song at the moment: Wildfire
G is for favorite game: Stealing my rider’s hat. Anything mischeivious.
H is for hometown: Whitesboro
I is for instruments you play: An empty feed bucket.
J is for jam or jelly you like: Jam, but anything with lots of fruit
K is for kids: Sore subject, I was gelded.
L is for living arrangements: Pasture and small barn
M is for mom’s name: Tequina
N is for name of your crush: My owner’s foot?
O is for overnight hospital stays: I’ve never been, but my rider almost spent the night at the hospital when she fell off my back.
P is for phobias: Dragons, gobblins, ghosts
Q is for quotes you like: Feed me
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Friendship with the mare for the last 2 years
S is for sexual preference: You tell me, I’m gelded
T is for time you wake up: Every now and then
U is for underwear: Find me in underwear and shoot me. Put me out of my misery
V is for vegetable you love: I love all vegies: carrots, apples, grass, alfalfa, pears, persimmons, etc, etc, etc.
W is for weekend plans: Training and riding out on the road exploring new landscapes
X is for x-rays you’ve had: I’ve had non, but my rider has when she fell off my back after I suspected a dragon in those dark woods
Y is for yummy food you make: Now now, that is not a good topic. I don’t beleive in equine slaughter for food. Leave this one alone.
Z is for zodiac sign: I don’t believe in such things.


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