Sorry Facebook, I Have Found Something Else

We can still be friends.

But my friendship is not what Facebook wants it to be.  It is quite miserable really.  This is a short list of why we, Facebook, are at odds.

1.  I don’t want to “like” everything.  Sponsored posts pop up everywhere on the feed these days and as you well know the right hand column is loaded with everything I do not like.  FB must stay in business but I don’t want my feed to be flooded with a bunch of businesses I have no interest in buying from in the first place.

2.  I am tired of being tagged. My people on my list are all friends I know.  I like them.  But I don’t care for their friend’s friends to see my pictures or posts.

3.  I don’t care about the fifty million shares about love and life that I’ve seen a million times already on all our mutual friends feeds.  I am more interested in original work. Facebook, people get lazy with you.  They don’t have to think when they can use another members creation and just share it.

5.  I am spending more time clicking “I don’t want to see this” on my main feed because I just don’t like the update.  Pictures are those most commonly hidden.  Pictures of starving dogs, dogs covered in snow, untrue stories of how the dog saved a child from falling with the use of gramma’s cookbook.  And some updates are offensive and I don’t have a choice not to see it when it shows up on my feed.  I don’t want to spend my time here fact checking everything.  Keep in mind, this type of communication is not new.  People shared with paper and ink a long time ago urban legends.

6.  When my update gets “shared” I am likely going to receive 10-20 friend requests from people I don’t even know.  I have currently 67 requests from poets from a poetry group I used to belong to.

7.  People can see when you’ve read their message.  Unfortunately when it gets read and a response does not come back in a timely manner this may, and usually does, lead to an unpleasant situation.

What I do like, and why it is difficult to leave FB is the feeling of community in both groups and with my own friends/family.   What keeps me there are the friends I have.  Blogging will become my means of writing updates.  Fewer people will read them but that does not matter.  The diary has the juicy stuff that will not be read by anyone unless found when I die.  But the blog will be my writing out loud.


2 thoughts on “Sorry Facebook, I Have Found Something Else

  1. I will reply here 🙂 I agree with your issues with FB. I ignore most of what goes on, especially clickbait. I stopped blogging after people stopped reading. Only a few people updated their reading list to reflect the redirect to my dotcom. I’m keeping it, but I have yet to figure out what I want to do with it.

  2. I agree especially w the horrible things some ppl post that aren’t true, or that there isn’t any purpose but morbid/sadistic curiosity. I complained about 1 in particular that showed an animal being cruelly tortured (b4 I figured out how to stop auto play of videos posted). It was not in the U.S. FB said it was not offensive & therefore could remain up. Sad state of affairs.
    There are ppl to stay in contact with & that is its socially redeeming quality.
    I am however learning to blog 🙂 and I like that!!! Nice article!

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