Outdoors in November

The temperature was 80 on Monday.  The remainder of the week has been below 40 degrees during the day.  The mercury may have peaked over the 40 mark.  Much of that time the wind blew.  Forty degrees is not too bad when there is no wind but when you hear the howling gusts, count it an unbearable 30 degree temp.

Today was the exception.  There was a slight breeze.  I left the house a few times but without a jacket.  Later in the day when the Kid was home we worked in the garden.  We filled the bird feeders while the cardinals and chickadees watched, left some corn for the squirrels that swung on a branch of the elm tree, and observed Cat carefully creep toward her spot near the bird feeder to wait.  Sorry, kitty, you  must go inside now.

The Kid and I planted a few small indoor plants, re-potted a few plants that were overgrown in their own pots and moved everything indoors.  I found a couple of small iris bulbs laying in a bowl on the table on the back porch.  I stuck them in the ground near the peach tree where the newest iris rhizomes are planted.  An onion in that same plastic bowl has sprouted.

I forgot about the temperature.  So did the Kid.  All before dark he and Cat played in the plowed veggie garden.  I swept off the porch, put all tools in the shed, and put the empty bags in the trash.  Meatloaf cooked for hours in the crock pot.  The house smelled wonderful.  These are the days I enjoy most:  working in the dirt, followed by a delicious home cooked meal with the family.


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