Those are what I am snacking on as I update this 2 and half year old blog.  Other than the candy definition, nerd is defined as a foolish or disgraceful person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.  A single-minded expert in a particular technical field.   A computer nerd.

I’ll stick with the candy version of nerd and let you decide.   Everyone is a nerd in their own way.  And then there are those with the diagnosis of NERD and that is subject for a separate blog post.   Ask me later.

In the last entry of 2012 the Kid and I were on a road trip to Illinois and it appears that my readers were left somewhere along the highway in Arkansas.  My apology.  That was one of my most memorable road trips with the Kid and as you are reading can determine we arrived safely to our destination.  Unfortunately there won’t be many Decatur vacations as there have been in years past. My heart is saddened by the thought of that.  We have only so many years on this earth and as grandchildren, no matter how old we are, we (some of us) want to have our grandparents forever.  (We can through Christ!)

“Life is Short”, a popular quote often said by yours truly.  When waiting for something important, time seems an eternity, but when not paying close attention or by spending too many hours on social media, time flies and before you know it, you are sitting in a funeral parlor of a friend or relative repeating in your mind, “where did the time go?”

“Death, a metabolic affliction causing total shutdown of all life’s functions, has long been considered humanity’s number one health concern.  Responsible for 100 percent of all recorded fatalities worldwide, the condition has no cure.” (The Onion, Jan 1977).   How many years do you expect to live?  If given ten more years how will you spend it?  Don’t eat too many Nerds candies.

Whatever that may be, turn to the Lord.  Read your Bible.  To be a follower of Jesus is not a matter of keeping particular rules or rituals.  It is a relationship of love.  Those who know Jesus describe complete certainty of being loved and an inner peace.


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