Over and Out

This evening I leave on a road trip with The Kid.  Just he and I while my Mad Scientest stays home and uncovers new discoveries on a neolithic computer while creating a short film.  It’s best to keep up with technology and for the most part we do.  But stuff gets old….fast.

As I write this, the Kid munches on a slice of pizza from our lunch today, a load of laundry dries, and the ice chest sits open ready for our drinks and snacks.  I’m going to need something to keep me awake tonight for I’m already running 2 hours behind and I want to be in Little Rock tonight.  Don’t worry, my loves, those who have known me my entire life understand how determined I get about driving somewhere.  Say, remember when I got mad at “T” and left Albuquerque one night at 9 pm and drove to Victorville all night.  Boy, was that hard.  But I got home at about 7 the next morning.  Focus and endurance…you must live up to it. 

I’m going to take ya’ll with me on this road trip to Gramma’s house.  Yep, you’re going right along with me except I won’t let you sleep with me at the hotel tonight.  Get your own place. 

I’m going to show the Kid some history of America. 

Ya’ll keep up now!


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